indiequalizer (indiequalizer) wrote,

Bored, Lunch Period

[put your music to the following scenes... whatever you think fits]
opening credits: Providence - GodSpeed
first kiss scene: Asleep - The Smiths
sex scene: Do we loose - Gustavo Santaolalla
drug scene: Eraser - NIN
fight scene: Teenage Whore - Jesus and the Mary Chain
murder scene: More of "Providence" (it's a 28 minute song) - GodSpeed
break-up scene: Black Session - Interpol
make-up scene: Angels - Elliot Smith
someone died scene: The Story - Ani Difranco
depressed scene: Some Devil - Dave Matthews
falling/fell in love scene: Solisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
suicide scene: Beautiful Beast - Fleetwood Mac
flashback scene: Rollercoaster - Red House Papers
party scene: The Equalizer - Clinic
ending credits: Exit Music - Radiohead
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