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For Ryan and Jill

Ok, I've been writing alot tonight.

This first poem is for Jill and Ryan.

I Spy.

I see you both.
You angels that glow,
such a contrast to the black sheets that cover you.
A fan spins silently, here all echoes faint.
There is a morose drizzle out the window,
and a lonely cigarette lay alone,
in the corner of the room,
the smoke dances, spins and plays -
an old record player whistles
somewhere in the secret caves of this room.
But I realize none of this is relavent,
It all doesn't matter,
because I see you both,
like angels,
an aura of beauty surrounds you both,
intertwined hands, legs, and all,
it is a moment of perfection and flickering serenity.
Both of you alsleep. One. Together.
On that floating bed,
I see you both slumber,
My eyes begin to tear,
though i'm not there with you,
nor do I belong,
I can still watch.
I don't want to wake up, I don't
want this moment to ever end,
I want this to be real for you.

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