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The Perks of Being a Wallflower, seriously.

Have you ever seen a sunset so atomic with colors that you actually wanted to cry? Not even crying because of sad feelings, but just watching all of the beauty around you. After having a cigarette with Kelly and Elena, I walked down to the rocks at the bay and sat there staring out to Prudence Island. The humidity permeated my skin and the rocks hugged me as I stared up at the new born trees. I love to watch the leaves of the trees whistle and dance, and the petals from the Pair Trees to fall like snow. There was something missing - I felt the desire to be with someone there and then, but then I realized it was a special moment...I was with myself, one with the Earth, my mind cleansed of everything. Today was a reminder how beautiful Rhode Island can be. Life is to short to be pissed off all the time.

As I lay on the rocks I wondered about a lot of shit going on in this world. If all the evil people in this world had glanced at that same sunset I witnessed, would they have changed? Would they think and look at life in a different way? Walking around the school hallways I wonder what people think in their minds. Do they notice the little intricate cracks in the sidewalk like me? Do they notice the budding trees in Spring that desperately want to explode with life? Do they appreciate a true sunset? What goes on these people's minds I ask. My friend Laura once told me, "Wouldn't it be cool if everything was just beautiful?". I didn't know what to say, because I'm not sure what life would be like if everything were beautiful. I wish that, though. But then what if everything was beautiful, what would there be to appreciate? Moments when looking up at the millions of leaves that dance above my head on a hot spring day are priceless. Moments like these are when I feel "infinite".
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